Causes of Difficulty Urinating in Men

What causes difficulty urinating in men?

There are many different short term or long term reasons why men may experience difficulty urinating ranging from mild to severe.

If the prostate gland has something to do with it, it could be a temporary inflamation, a consistenly growing prostate or even a tumor in the prostate gland. But there are many other causes that need to be considered. It is considered quite normal for older men to experience hesitancy when attempting to urinate. Older men with enlarged prostate glands can experience this even to the point of discomfort as the bladder fills.

BPA is a prostate-related enlargement called Benign prostatic Prostatitis (inflammation or infection of the prostate gland)
A urinary tract infection may also cause swelling. Prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland is usually temporary.
There are also phycological and neurological reasons why a man may have difficulty urinating.
Of course if there were any recent operations or surgery, that could also be a temporary effect.

A doctor can determine the cause of any infection and prescribe necessary antibiotics if needed.

If pain or a burning sensation accompanies urination, is there also an accompanying fever? An infection of the kidneys is called Pyelonephritis and is one such cause. If this is the case, a doctor must be seen immediately.

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